Two Wheels
  1. 1. Two Wheels
  2. 2. Questions
  3. 3. Feeling Good
  4. 4. Tiny Things
  5. 5. Captain Brown Beard
  6. 6. Feeling Good
  7. 7. Bamboo the Bear
  8. 8. Street Smarts

“Making music adults can hear in the car when the kids are present without losing their minds, Dave doesn’t talk down to the kids and uses production chops that adult ears will be comfy with.” –Midwest Record

“The former jam bander has found his métier here easily making him the Raffi of the nu generation and it doesn’t feel like he’s going to need the vindication of being hailed as the Springsteen of kid music to feel good about himself.  This stuff rocks!” –Midwest Record

“My favorite song is the space song. It’s actually called “Street Smarts” but the beginning sounds like it’s in space. Daddy says that the song has really funky guitars in it. And as he’s helping me type it up we are clapping along and singing, “Everybody clap your hands!” –The Farsighted Blog, Cash Harlan, Age 8

“I really liked this album. It’s fun, with infectious songs that kiddos all over will enjoy (and their parents, too). The beats were energetic and well-composed.” –Critical Blast

“Happily recommended” –Critical Blast


Kids musician, Mr. Dave, releases his newest kids album, Come On In. Check out this groovy mix of kids tunes!

Come On In
  1. 1. Come On In
  2. 2. I’m a Little Teapot
  3. 3. Mr. Sun
  4. 4. Patty Cake
  5. 5. Party Party
  6. 6. This Little Light of Mine
  7. 7. If All of the Raindrops
  8. 8. Bear Hunt
  9. 9. Twinkle / Abc / Baa Baa
  10. 10. Coming Around the Mountain
  11. 11. Drive the Fire Truck
  12. 12. Baby Bumble Bee
  13. 13. Shake Our Sillies Out

REAL MUSIC for REAL KIDS 0-8. A collection of upbeat originals with a jazz appeal. Parents will enjoy them too.

Mr. Dave
  1. 1. Mr. Dave
  2. 2. Everybody Sing
  3. 3. Squash
  4. 4. Dinosaur Stomp
  5. 5. Baby Doll
  6. 6. Read-a-book
  7. 7. Poo Pee Doo
  8. 8. Roving Rainbow Robots
  9. 9. New Shoes
  10. 10. Little Rockets
  11. 11. Superhero Street


Debut solo adult album from the lead singer of 56 Hope Road. A mix of rock, pop, and country funk.

“Upon first listen I was taken aback by just how strong [Crow & Raven] is, perhaps even stronger than anything Dave did in the past. A very fine new solo recording.” 

– Richard Milne,WXRT Chicago

  1. 1. Tonight
  2. 2. Waiting so Long
  3. 3. Take It Slow
  4. 4. Crow and Raven
  5. 5. Rebel in the Love
  6. 6. Stunning Life
  7. 7. Man Alive
  8. 8. Sacrificial Lamb
  9. 9. Bed of Roses
  10. 10. Don’t That Sound Nice
  11. 11. Heart Attack
  12. 12. Glacier